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Direct or Indirect?

What is the difference between indirect evidence and direct evidence? One good example is a voter’s list. Since a person has to be a citizen to vote, your ancestor’s name appearing on a voter’s list is indirect evidence that your foreign-born ancestor naturalized (assuming that the guy on the voter’s list really is your ancestor and not another […]


Projected Relationship

Relationship projections in DNA test results are estimations based upon shared DNA. The relationship is an estimate. The relationship stated is based on the amount of shared DNA (measured in centimorgans). The Shared cM Project has estimates of relationships based on shared centimorgans. These are estimates. These probable relationships on the Shared cM Project are based […]

I Can’t Find It

[still applicable today] From the former Ancestry Daily News  Michael John Neill — 3/22/2006     This week we look at some ways that our searches of records can be stymied.  Handwriting  Have you considered how the letters might appear on the page of the original document? This is especially a concern when using indexes […]

A Potential DNA Match on My Neill Family-Part II-Passing the Chunks

Part of my problem in utilizing my AncestryDNA matches to find relatives of my Irish forebears was that I was too concentrated on matching other descendants of my Samuel Neill. It’s tempting to do that–after all, there were about ten other descendants of Samuel in the AncestryDNA database. They would have to match other Neill relatives […]

Why Use the Word “Potential?”

Words matter. The recent post on a DNA discovery used the phrase “Potential DNA Match on My Neill Family” in the title. DNA matches to someone or it doesn’t. There’s not a “potential” to the match. The “potential” is when the researcher is not yet certain which family the shared match comes through. What’s “potential” […]