Author: mjnrootdig

Creating a Neill Cluster

One reason I took a DNA test was so that I could make some discoveries on my Irish immigrant families. Consequently I’ve focused on DNA matches to known descendants of my Irish immigrant ancestors. Samuel and Annie (Murphy) Neill were Irish immigrants (probably from different places) who married in New Brunswick, Canada, in the 1860s. […]


What an Experienced Researcher Would Expect to be Relevant

My post on “Writing A Proof: Another Take” contained the phrase “Conduct a complete search of all relevant records that an experienced researcher would expect.” I’ve been thinking about that phrase, what it really means, and what I meant by it. The Genealogy Proof Standard (from the Board for Certification of Genealogists’ Genealogical Standards Manual) uses the phrase “exhaustive search” when […]


Dutch Naming Myths

Tamara Jones’ article on “Dutch Naming Myths” is a good, short, to-the-point read. Those whose ancestry is pretty much English speaking with a dash of Dutch thrown in for good measure (typically because the person has 17th or 18th century ancestry in what is now the United States) would do well to read it because […]