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When Shared Matches Do Not Help–Again

Depending upon migration patterns, analyzing shared matches you have with a DNA match (especially one without a tree) may only add to your confusion. A new match on AncestryDNA descends from a sister to my great-grandmother Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben. I clicked on our shared matches only to be reminded that when your family lived in the same […]


These Ancestors Cannot Be Displayed

  These Ancestors cannot be displayed The ancestors you are looking for are currently unavailable. They may be hiding in offline resources which will require you to contact repositories via more archaic methods. If they are dead, rest assured they are not creating more descendants. Please try the following: Click the surname change button, or try […]

Undocumented Chaos

There’s still quite a bit of truth to this… from the Ancestry Daily News Michael John Neill – 10/16/2002 As genealogists looking to the past, we are forced to focus on paper records left behind by our forebears. We also use historical records and information about larger historical movements and cultural trends to reasonably infer […]

Where Is the Connection to the Hired Man?

It’s always the connections that we do not know that can confuse us beyond belief. In 1860, the household of farmers Charles and Rachel Cox in Montebello Township, Hancock County, included several of their children a farm laborer, George Kraft. The Coxes were Kentucky natives (aged 64 and 56 respectively) and comparatively well-off with Charles […]

Wilhelmina Trautvetter Senf Kraft in the US Census-Part II

Wilhelmina and George Kraft and their next-door Kraft neighbors were not the only Krafts living in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1870. Six pages away the household of Lewis Kraft was enumerated. It’s difficult to say how far Lewis was from the other Krafts. There are no street names or addresses in this enumeration and […]

Research Reminders from Some Female Ancestors

A while back we ran a series titled “Ancestral Clues and Lessons.” In honor of “International” Women’s Day, we’re linking to those postings on some of my female ancestors: Ida (Trautvetter) Neill–born 1910 Illinois Ida May (Sargent) Trautvetter Miller–born 1874 US Midwest Fredericka (Sartorius) Janssen–born 1865 Illinois Anna (Dirks) Goldenstein–born 1861 Illinois Anke Hinrichs (Fecht) […]

Three Signatures on a Mortgage

This is the signature portion of a mortgage executed by three of my ancestors on 15 December 1905 in Hancock County, Illinois. This image is not from the actual mortgage itself, but rather from the record copy of the mortgage recorded in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office. The holders of the note (the bank from […]