Month: August 2015

School Funding in 1787 and Ancestral Associates

I stumbled upon this item while searching digital newspapers on the Library of Virginia website. The school funding concept struck my interest. There actually is a genealogy connection to the item as it references an extended member of the Tinsley family–Thomas Tinsley. The school was to be built in Hanover County, Virginia. The men listed […]


New Live Webinars

I’m putting on what will be the last of my new webinars for a while as I’m getting back to research and writing. Our topics on Friday/Saturday of this week are: Charts, Charts, and More Charts Pre-1850 Research Genealogical Terms and Definitions Preserving Past You Anyone registered will receive a complimentary copy of the download […]

A 22-Year Old Buys a $45 Lot in Clinton County, New York

Things don’t always dovetail quite this nicely. The 1850 census enumeration for Nazaire Drollette in Clinton County, New York (“Californians Living in Upstate New York in 1850“), indicated that he had $45 of real property. This warranted further research. The value of the property did not matter. If Nazaire really owned real property, there should […]

Californians Living in Upstate New York in 1850

It took me a while to find the 1850 census for Nazaire Drollette in Clinton County, New York, when using the index for the 1850 census at The enumerator’s rendition of his name was not the problem. Nazer Draulette is a pretty accurate interpretation. There were two problems. The transcriber read his last name as Dranlette […]