Month: December 2015

No New Year’s Goals for Me and Making Genealogical Statements

I’ve never been a big believer in setting New Year’s goals, objectives, resolutions, etc. I’m also not a big believer in justifying why I don’t believe in them so this will not be a rant about New Year’s resolutions. I am a fan in clearly stating genealogical problems instead of researching willy-nilly and just seeing what […]


Eleven Sons for a War of 1812 Veteran

Records of War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrants can be a genealogical gold mine. The document illustrating this post comes from the surrendered military bounty land warrant file for James Kile of Mercer County, Illinois. Fortunately for the genealogist, James died after he received the warrant and before anything could be done with it. Consequently […]

Proof Summary and Case-Making Webinar Rescheduled

Rescheduled for Tuesday, 5 January 2015, 1 pm central “Writing Proof Summaries and Making Your Case” Those who registered for the originally scheduled presentation in December do not need to pay again. If this time does not work, you will be sent a complimentary link to download the recorded version of this presentation and handout. This presentation will […]’s Early Tennessee Tax List Records, 1783-1895 has a database on their site titled “Tennessee Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895.” The years covered for specific counties varies greatly from one county to another and users of the database need to be aware that not all counties have lists from 1783 through 1895. The images in this post are for individuals from Davidson County […]

I’m Related to Myself

My maternal great-grandparents, while all born in the United States, are all of Ostfriesian extraction. For the most part their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were immigrants-all to Hancock or Adams Counties in Illinois (with the exception of one set who went to Brown County) between 1855 and 1883. It’s not just that their parents/grandparents were […]

She Could Still Be An Alien: Barbara Inherits the Bieger’s Bar and Grill

The problem with reading is that it makes one think.The problem with thinking is that it leads to questions, more thinking, and sometimes conclusions.  The problem with thinking about the law is that there’s not always one easy answer. Everything needs to be viewed in context and sometimes that context is not all that simple. I’m […]