Month: February 2016

To My Son-in-Law, I Leave Nothing

Wills can hint at family squabbles. Researchers need to be careful and not overdramatize the family drama the will suggests.  This 3 July 1812 will admitted to probate in Harford County, Maryland in September of 1817 suggests at some family tension. One just has to be careful about reading more into the document than it […]


Artwork in the Index

One finds artwork in the most unusual places. I’m certain this black and white image does not do the original (which I’ve not seen) justice as it is made from a digital image a microfilm copy of the 1803-1809 volume of estate inventories from Harford County, Maryland . This image is of the right hand […]

Why Does Strip the Boarders?

The “view record” page for Harm Fecht on indicates that he is the only individual living in his household in 1880. It’s easy to see at the very bottom of the image included with this post. When I encountered the record while looking for someone else, I thought it looked strange as I was fairly familiar […]

Webinars and Brick Walls

  Old Webinar Prices back through 21 February Old prices back (an average of $8–lower than the competition!) between 18 February and 21 February Regular prices are between $15 and $20. Visit our webinar page ————– Brick Walls from A to Z Blow-out From now through 21 February, we’re also offering all four of my “Brick Walls from A […]

Before I Look for Frederick and Maria Barbara Siefert

The drawback to making discoveries is that one wants to follow up on them immediately. I’m trying to avoid that temptation with Frederick and Maria Barbara Siefert, my newly discovered parents of Barbara (Siefert) Bieger Fennan Haase Haase. Diving in before I’ve given some thought to what I know about this couple (and what I […]