Month: March 2016

Pedigree Chart With Movements

The problem with any organizational tool is that one can always see ways to change it or alter it to meet different needs or to overcome limitations. Any organizational strategy will have some limitations and often the researcher is only limited by their own creativity. Creativity in this sense does not mean creating data where […]


April Webinars

We are excited to announce our April webinars—with several new topics, including: Using Creating those Pedigree Charts and Sourcing Digital Images Using Using American Using Land Patents and Tract Books Determining Your Own Migration Trail For details and registration information, visit our announcement page.

A Return to Andrew Trask–and Deciding the Get the Pension File

Occasionally it’s good to turn one’s attention to individuals that have not been looked at in some time. It’s been over ten years since I did any serious work on Andrew Trask. Andrew and his wife Lucinda are not the far away from me. This ancestor of my children is buried in the Norwood Presbyterian Church Cemetery […]

Occupations Chart

Ancestor Archaeology posted an occupations chart to complement the other colorful charts that have been floating around cyber genealogy land. I knew what mine was going to look like before I even started. With the exception of a third-great-grandmother who ran a tavern for a time in the 1850s, my mother was the first person […]

Don’t Ask Me What Book That Was In…

This information about Isaac Rucker (1780-1850) appears in a book. Apparently it was a book that someone at digitized and indexed. It may have been a wonderful leather-bound book. It may have been a spiral bound photocopy of typewritten pages. There is just one question. What book? Based on the results at it is […]

DAR Lineage Books in Recent Database

A recently released database,”North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000,” appears to contain digital images of most Daughters of the American Revolutionary War lineage books up through volume 152. This database appears to be digital images of a variety of “family histories” that have been converted from microfilm. It is possible to view the list of titles […]

An Incomplete Transcription and An Incomplete Index

Manual searches of records are always advised. FamilySearch has has digital copies of records of many Chicago, Illinois, Roman Catholic churches online for some time. There is an index. However, it’s clear that the index is not complete. Searches for various members of the family of William (1888-?) and Mary (Demar/Desmarais) Apgar (1894-1961) failed to […]

No Popups to Subscribe Here

We appreciate those who visit our site and read our posts. We appreciate those who subscribe to get our blog posts automatically in their emails. However… Popups that “remind” viewers to subscribe are not something we use. There’s one reason: they annoy me to no end. I realize that they can be a way to […]