Month: June 2016

Duplicate Death Certificates Do Not Guarantee Duplicate Transcriptions

There are two entries for Herbert C. Ufkes in the “Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011” at He most assuredly died only once although I only have firsthand knowledge of his interment. (Note: Ufkes is referred to as “Uncle Herb” throughout this post. He was my Granddad Ufkes’ youngest brother.) The separate database entries for Uncle Herb appear to […]

Lining out the Troutfedders

This image is from the top portion of an April 1876 deed between Christ[ian] Troutfetter, his wife Elizabeth, and their daughter Minnie A. Troutfetter. The “dd” in each reference to Troutfetter in this record copy of the deed is underlined. It probably was not underlined on the original deed. Probably. I have not seen the […]

My Goals With this Blog

Getting as many subscribers as possible to this blog  has never been one of my goals. Writing to appeal to as many readers as possible is not something that appeals to me. I want to share things I discover with readers in such a way that makes them think about their own research. That’s also […]

Genealogical Blasphemy

As an off-the-cuff remark to a question after a presentation I made at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree recently, I said something to the effect that we didn’t need to know every minute detail of our ancestor’s lives. It was not a slip of the tongue. There were quite a few looks from the audience […]

A Geographic FindAGrave Suggestion

These are just some random thoughts, in no particular order. I understand why people post photographs of deceased individuals to FindAGrave. At least I think it is to preserve the photographs on a site that will theoretically remain free forever. What I wish was encouraged was the inclusion of photographs showing stones in context as sometimes […]

How I Use FindAGrave

I have a fairly strict policy for how I use information on FindAGrave: I use the picture of the stone. I cite the source.  If it appears that there is a transcription of the stone on the “memorial” page and I have difficulty transcribing the stone from the picture, then I may use the transcription as published on […]

Should They Tell Us What They Have Not Told Us?

When for-profit companies enter into agreements with governmental agencies to digitize the records of those agencies, they have responsibilities. Those responsibilities are to the original holders of the records being digitized and to the taxpayers and citizens whose taxes and fees have allowed the records to be preserved in the first place. The for-profit company may be assisting […]

Did Delete Information from Indiana Death Certificates? recently released three databases of Indiana vital records: Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011 Indiana, Marriage Certificates, 1958-2005 Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940 These certificates were digitized through a project with the Indiana Archives and Records Administration. The death certificate for my great-uncle Herb contained an interesting bit of white space as shown in the illustration. What’s missing? […]

Updated Webinar Schedule

We’ve updated our webinar schedule to reflect our rescheduled presentations. There’s still time to join me for one of the following presentations in June Irfanview for Genealogists Digital Media Organization American Court Records Research in Federal Land States Barbara’s Beaus and Gesche’s Girls Details are here.