Month: December 2016

Is there a Point to the Dots?

A reader asked about the dots that appeared after the two names in the image used to illustrate the post about an 1880 census entry, “Who are Those Chains?” I’m usually pretty good at looking for any and all clues. However, in my focus on the “chains” and who they were I overlooked the dots. […]


Louis or Sonis?

Add this to the list of spelling variants that I had never thought of: Sonis for Louis The “Iowa State Census-1905” database at FamilySearch contains several entries for the first name of Sonis. Based upon the actual card, I’m surmising that the intent was probably Louis, although one can easily see how the initial letter in this […]

1905 Iowa State Census at Ancestry and FamilySearch recently indicated that their 1905 Iowa state census database is “updated.” It is difficult to remember what was on the site, so I can’t say if the database is new or not (and even “updates” are not always significant ones). There is no indiction the database version has of this record comes from FamilySearch. The “Source […]

Too Many Panagiotises in the Suggestion Pan

These references in the “Suggested Records” for a passenger list for Panagiotis Verikios are confusing and potentially helpful. This confusion is why I usually do not use the “Suggested Records” at  The potential for help is also why I wished gave more details on the “Suggested Records.” I’ve not worked on Panagiotis Verikios in a while […]

In the home of her parents…

There’s a reason why solid genealogical conclusions should not rest solely on one printed word in one newspaper. In fact genealogical conclusions should generally not completely rest on one piece of published information.  A newspaper item from 1966 was used as an illustration recently for Genealogy Tip of the Day. The tip hinged on the phrase “On […]

I’m Dreaming of Vanilla Ice Cream

  One can discover a variety of items in the classified and advertising section of newspapers. Advertisements can document a relative’s existence in  certain area, let you know when your relative’s estate was going through probate, tell you know what movies were playing when your grandparents were dating, and let you know if you missed out […]

Who Are Those Chains?

After researching my maternal Ostfriesen families for thirty years, I’m reasonably familiar with most renderings of their first and last name. Even if I’ve never seen a specific variant before I can usually determine what the clerk was trying to render on paper. Until I came across the Chains. I was not even looking for […]

Five Marriages for Riley and Nancy and What Is A Source?’s “Illinois, County Marriages, 1800-1940” indicates there are five “marriage records” for Riley Rampley and Nancy Newman in Hancock County, Illinois. indicates that this database has the following source with FamilySearch being referenced as the “Original data”: I take issue with the use of the phrase “Original data,” in this context, particularly the word “original.” […]