Month: March 2017

How Has It Been Updated?

FamilySearch is indicating that it’s 1860 census has been “last updated” on 24 March 2017. The question is “how?” I realize that FamilySearch provides access to a vast quantity of information at no charge. I appreciate that. I just wish that I had some inkling of how this database has been updated? There’s several ways it could […]

From Whence It Came?

Determining the origin of pieces of information that have been shared and reproduced endlessly can be difficult. Sometimes it is seemingly impossible. It is made even worse when using compiled materials that do not cite sources or provide any references as to where they obtained material. One can find a seemingly endless set of sources […]

2.5 Pews in the Local Baptist Church

[Note: these church pews were written about on the old blog, but we’ve updated the post] Estate inventories can provide a wide variety of clues about the deceased. Sometimes they even reference church membership. Upon his death in 1819, Samuel Sargent owned two and a half pews in the “Baptist Meetinghouse.” One pew was in […]

Let My Son Go: He’s Too Small and Weak for the Army and Needs to Emigrate With Friends

There is always a little more to the story. In an earlier post, “Focke Returns to Germany in 1879,” discussion focused on two passenger manifest entries for Focke Goldenstein and his March 1879 naturalization in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, around which those naturalizations were sandwiched: 3 November 1873, arrival in New York City on the Weser […]