Month: November 2017

A Wandering Kansan: John Driesbach, Part II

The discussion of John S. Driesbach and Sophia (Dirks) Driesbach continues. In February of 1914, Sophia (Dirks) Driesbach died in Coatsburg, Illinois. She was survived by her husband John S. It’s not entirely clear if he was living in Coatsburg when she died. His residence is not mentioned in her obituary and the reference to […]


Missouri Western District Naturalization Index at Ancestry-It’s MO, KS, and OK Too recently announced that “Missouri, Western District Naturalization Index, 1848-1990” is new or has been updated. I wish they’d tweak the title as well for one reason: it’s not accurate Looking at the title may cause one to think that this database only includes Missouri. That’s incorrect. While there are records from as early as […]

A Tragic 1906 Death in Monmouth

There’s a single tombtsone for Joseph Neill in the West Point, Illinois, cemetery. It stands beside the larger stone for his parents, Samuel and Annie Neill. Like most stones it tells little about John’s life and nothing about the tragic nature of his death. The story of Joseph’s death is chronicled in the Monmouth, Illinois, Republican-Atlas […]

One More DNA Test & a Question It Won’t Answer

While AncestryDNA is running their $59 DNA testing kit sale (through “Cyber Monday” 27 November), I decided to purchase one more test for a relative by marriage whose family has not been tested before. I’m hoping it will help me on one great-great-grandfather whose paternal grandparents are reasonably known–it’s just which son is the direct line that’s the […]

My Blogs and Subscribing/Unsubscribing

I maintain the following genealogy blogs:—Michael’s thoughts, research problems, suggestions, and whatever else crosses his desk Genealogy Tip of the Day—one genealogy research tip every day–short and to the point Genealogy Search Tip—websites I’ve discovered and the occasional online research tip–short and to the point? Subscription/Unsubscription links are on the top of each page. […]

Record Pitfalls: DNA Tests Won’t Spit Out All Relationships

DNA will not solve all your genealogical research problems and your DNA test results will not spit out every precise relationship you have with other testers. It can confirm close relationships relatively easily–parent/child or sibling, etc. Certain types of DNA testing can confirm more distant connections along certain biological lines (mitochondrial for direct maternal and […]

Ebay Purchase: 1862 Assessor’s List for Saint Mary’s Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This is my last purchase on Ebay for a while–the 1862 Assessor’s List for Saint Mary’s Township in Hancock County, Illinois. It’s too far east in the county for me to have any family there, but I went ahead and purchased it anyway. We’ll take some images from it and post them after it arrives as they’ll make […]