Month: December 2017

Is “Looks Like” Evidence?

This is one of those thoughts I’m just throwing out for people to think about: does “looking like” someone constitute evidence of a relationship? does it confirm a relationship? A picture of the mother of the 1st or 2nd “DNA cousin match” to a DNA submitter looks very similar to the mother of the submitter? […]


FamilyTreeDNA, FamilySearch, and 2018 Brick Wall Webinars

FamilyTreeDNA Already Held Content: This presentation will discuss the basics of the “Family Finder” on the FamilyTreeDNA website. You can upload autosomal test results from other companies for use and comparison with other matches at FamilyTreeDNA. This presentation will discuss: working with matches filters this site gives users and ways to use those filters chromosome […]

Troutfetter Case File from the US Circuit Court-District of Colorado

The casefile for Christopher Troutfetter etal. versus Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railway Company arrived electronically from the National Archives-Denver. An archivist responded quickly to my initial request indicating that they did have the casefile and what the charge for a copy would be. I was given the option of receiving paper copies or electronic […]

More AncestryDNA Circles for Me

Now I’m up to twelve circles at  AncestryDNA, Two circles are new and the numbers for one circle have changed since I last reviewed them. My current circles are: new—Hinrich Jacobs Fecht (1823 Wiesens, Ostfriesland, Germany-1912 Hancock County, Illinois) and second wife Maria Gerdes Wilken (Bruns) Fecht (1831 Wiesens- before 1877 Hancock County)–4 for Hinrich and 7 for Maria. […]

The Spread of the Generations

The recent birth of a cousin resulted in a new great-grandchild for one set of my great-grandparents, Fred and Tena (Trientje) Janssen Ufkes, of Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois.  I’m the oldest great-grandchild at the age of 49. The youngest is less than a year old. The birth got me to thinking of how […]

Troutfetter Court Case On the Way

  According to the “Historical Record Index View” at the Colorado State Archives website, a man named Christopher Troutfetter sued the Rock Island & Pacific Railway in 1898. I have my suspicion about who this Christopher Troutfetter is. The Colorado State Archives will send copies of records mentioned in their indexes using their online request system. I received […]