Month: February 2018

57% of My Ancestors Were From Great Britain?!

It’s nearly impossible to get past through the entry page at at  AncestryDNA without seeing their banner to make your “Ancestry Player” card. I went ahead and made my little card, although where they pulled this ancient picture of me from is anyone’s guess. My “ethnic background” was pulled for my “stats” on the card: 57% Great […]


Why No Index

Orville Merton Kile said in 1958 what many genealogists would love to say today when he explained why his book lacked an index: “Those who use the book as a part of the research for ancestors can well afford the relatively few hours necessary to read the entire book and gain a general picture of […]

Webinar Sale–25%

Until  10 February (at 11:59 pm central US time)  we are offering a 25% off sale on any genealogy methods or  DNA webinar order. Don’t wait. Our current DNA webinar offerings are: Preparing for Your Results AncestryDNA Beginnings Sifting Through Your AncestryDNA Matches More Sifting Through Your AncestryDNA Matches FamilyTreeDNA GedMatch 1 GedMatch 2 Our other webinars […]

Multiple Relationships Should Magnify Our Shared DNA?

My triple cousin has done her DNA test at  AncestryDNA.  Thankfully she is a match–but she does not appear as my “closest” cousin simply because we have three documented relationships. Just because we are related in three ways does not mean that we share three more times the DNA than one would expect. That is […]

When the DNA Changes Your Tree

DNA offers genealogists the opportunity to solve some genealogical problems that no one ever thought could be solved. With that opportunity comes the possibility that the genealogist may learn something about their supposedly “known ancestors” is not true after all. It’s not unheard of for someone to learn that someone they thought was their grandparent […]

No Leaves for Benjamin Butler

reprinted from 2015 with additions While generally speaking I am not a fan of the “leaves” at, there are times when I do check to see if there are suggestions for a person on whom I am really stuck. Sometimes the leaves float and land in a logical place. Other times they don’t. (see where the […]

As Many Descendants as I Can Find

Years ago when I started my research, I tried to track down as many descendants of various second and third great grandparents. There was no goal of writing a book or any such thing. I was fortunate enough to find reasonably complete genealogies of the descendants of three different sets of third great-grandparents and I […]