Month: February 2018

Are Directories Hiding Deaths For You?

City directories can tell researchers several things, usually related to name, residence, occupation and proximity of neighbors. Urban researchers are usually well-served by researching all extant directories for their people of interest. In some unusual circumstances directories can tell researchers even more. Noticing these items requires the researcher to search for the people of interest […]

Iowa, Old Age Assistance Records, 1934-1946 at FamilySearch

FamilySearch recently updated “Iowa, Old Age Assistance Records, 1934-1946.” The database does not indicate the counties that are included in the database. The suggested record citation also does not indicate the county from which the entry was taken. The “record” also does not include any event place more specific than the state of Iowa. While that’s […]

Whence Harm Habbus

I’m trying to locate information on a “Harm Habbus” who apparently was in Clayton Township, Adams County, Illinois, in 1872 or so. This is part of an 1892 newspaper clipping from the Quincy [Illinois] Daily Journal that references Habbus as the father of a baby born to Volke Behrens, daughter of Ulfert Behrens in Clayton […]

A Belleville, Illinois, Death Recorded in St. Louis, Missouri?‘s database, “Missouri, Death Records, 1850-1931,” contains a “Physican’s Certificate of Death” for Wilhelmina Rothweiler who apparently died in Belleville, Illinois, in 1897. On the surface that seems a little strange.   The document is clearly a record created in Illinois. “Duplicate from City Death Register” is scrawled across the top, but the document is […]

The Family Tree Historical Newspapers Guide: How to Find Your Ancestors in Archived Newspapers

We mention newspapers here quite a bit. It’s not because they are perfect sources (they aren’t) or because they will answer every question (they won’t). But they can be a wonderful genealogical resource for a variety of reasons: they can be helpful in “burned counties” they can facilitate the finding of some court cases they […]

1932 Drug Store Bombing

References to relatives can easily appear in newspapers a distance from their home. This 1932 reference from the Omaha World-Herald mentions a drug store bombing in Chicago, Illinois, in 1932. The store of W. G. Trautvetter was bombed along with another drug store on Chicago’s South Side. Trautvetter apparently objected to the release of two prisoners […]