Month: December 2018

DNA Problem-Solving with DNAPainter and GedMatch Webinar Released

Based upon suggestions from readers, we’ve put together this session on DNAPainter and GedMatch combined. Using just one tool is not an effective way to analyze your DNA matches. Date: This session has been held and recorded. order for immediate download for $17.99–presentation and PDF handout included if you ordered early and did not receive […]


Comma On: Valentine’s Not Stated as Being Her Father

A minor typographical error can significantly change the intent of a piece of writing. A transcription error can create confusion as well. All it takes is one little thing. That’s what I did when reading an article from the 18 August 1906 issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as mentioned in “The Judge Would Have Shot the Right […]


It’s Not My Job to Correct the Errors of the Genealogy World

It really isn’t. And by “errors,” I’m talking about statements that are clearly incorrect–biological events that violate the laws of space, time, and biology and other details that fly in the face of every single document ever recorded and for which the compiler has offered absolutely no refuting evidence that those documents are incorrect. My […]