Month: December 2018

It’s Not My Job to Correct the Errors of the Genealogy World

It really isn’t. And by “errors,” I’m talking about statements that are clearly incorrect–biological events that violate the laws of space, time, and biology and other details that fly in the face of every single document ever recorded and for which the compiler has offered absolutely no refuting evidence that those documents are incorrect. My […]


Problem-Solving With DNAPainter Moved to 10 December

My webinar on “Problem-Solving with DNAPainter and GedMatch” has been moved to 10 December 2018. We’ll discuss using these two sites together to analyze, interpret, and make discoveries from their DNA matches. Join us. There’s more details in our announcement. If you registered and did not receive attendance links, please let me know. Recording will […]


A Lead in the Disappearing Valentine

The discussion of the origin of the marriage record for Valentine C. Hess in Hamilton County, Ohio, was not just academic fodder for a blog post (Where Was Valentine’s Marriage Record From: Part I and II). It was also not just for the creation of an accurate citation to the record. It was about analyzing […]