Month: April 2019

Getting into the Trautvetterins

The 1823 death entry in the church records of the Evangelical church in Wohlmuthausen, Thuringen, Germany, list her name as Anna Catharina Trautvetterin. That’s how I should transcribe it because that’s what it says. Do I have a new surname for this family? Do I have a new spelling? Not really. In fact, I have […]


What’s Missing…Process

I’ve been reviewing in bits and pieces my copy of the Genealogy Standards Manual written by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) . The nice thing about it is that one can read it in bits and pieces or in longer sessions. There’s a great deal of food for thought in the small volume about research, […]


ThruLines Puts Errors in the Middle of My Tree

Words elude me. While ThruLines had some issues we’ve discussed before at least it wasn’t somehow displaying information from my tree incorrectly or altering it based on other trees. This screenshot of part of my ThruLines for my third great-grandfather shows a display that apparently has taken information from my tree and not just added […]