Month: December 2019

Few Hard and Fast Rules

Genealogy is more art than people realize. I’m not talking about watercolors Grandma painted or oil portraits your ancestor commissioned of himself. That’s “genealogy art” which is not the same as viewing genealogy as something of an art. By referring to genealogy as “art,” I’m also not suggesting that one gets creative and makes up […]


Prairie Patrimony

I have always been a big fan of this book and have mentioned it in numerous lectures. It is the study of farming and inheritance trends in several Illinois farm communities from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. The author studies one Ostfriesen community in Illinois. When I read her comments, it was as […]


A Few Missing Pond Crossers that May Stay Missing

Between approximately 1850 and 1883, twenty-two of my maternal ancestors “crossed the pond.” They left from Ostfriesland, in the north of Germany, and settled basically in two areas: in and relatively near Golden, Adams County, Illinois in Hancock County, Illinois’ Bear Creek and Prairie Townships They all sailed from Bremen and most arrived in New York […]