Debating What to Share

All of us have the occasional relative that for one reason or another we have not researched as much as we would like. I have several of those relatives and decided to start working on them as a diversion, a way to get outside my usual set of people and circumstances that I work on, and perhaps to learn something new.

The relative died in California in 1972 and was found deceased in his home. I’m getting a copy of the investigation into his death in an attempt to learn more about the wife. There may be details in the file that were germane to the investigation but are not germane to my attempts to learn more about his wife.

So I’m debating what to include in an eventual blog post about these individuals. The entire file will be included in my personal genealogical records, but I’m leaning towards only writing about those details that are relevant to my attempts to learn more about the individual and his wife.

If I find a newspaper account that mentions some of these details then I may be more inclined to put them into the eventual blog post about the individuals. But if that was not the case, I’m not certain everything that could be in the file needs to be included in the blog post.

I will have to wait and see. The report could be a total dud and this whole commentary could be moot.


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