They Changed the Bourbon-Nicholas County Border

The county border change between Bourbon and Fleming Counties in Kentucky actually impacted more than just the heirs of Thomas Sledd.  It impacted the farm of his son-in-law Augusta Newman as well. Augusta’s land transactions were also impacted by this border change as well and I originally wrote about this change in 2012 and have included that post here:

“I took a look at the maps on Randy Major’s site in an attempt to better figure out the boundary changes between Bourbon and Nicholas Counties that are alluded to in a 1819 era deed of my ancestor, Augusta Newman.

The first map drawn was as of 1810:


The second map was drawn as of 1820:

One can easily see that the border between Bourbon and Nicholas Counties was originally a straight line and that in 1817 the border was apparently changed to partially match a creek or stream in the area.

Based upon a deed I located for Augusta Newman in Nicholas County, his property was originally in Bourbon, but was in Nicholas ky-boundariestitleCounty after the move. The area that changed from Bourbon to Nicholas County was fairly small, but since Newman’s property was in the moved area, it helps me to pinpoint where his farm was located.”

That’s the end of my 2012 post, but there is an update.

The acts of the first session of the twenty-fifth General Assembly of Kentucky, published in 1817, include the text of the 17 January 1817 act that changed the Bourbon-Nicholas County line. I’ll have to go back and read the metes and bounds description for the deeds of these two property owners to see if the geographic features mentioned in the published act are also mentioned in the deed.




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