Wrapped in “Spirits Having Flown” the 1914 Juror Picture Arrived


The photograph was shipped in this Bee Gees album cover to afford extra protection.

Packed in an old Bee Gees record cover, I nearly thought I had been shipped the wrong item when my recent Ebay purchase arrived. I had not purchased a copy of “Spirits Having Flown.” Fortunately the picture of a 1914 grand jury was tucked away instead of the actual album. The record label served its purpose of protecting the picture while it was in the mail system. Since all the men in the picture are deceased, I guess the title “Spirits Having Flown,” is somewhat ironic, if unintentionally so.

The picture looked as it was shown in the Ebay sale listing. I knew it was not in good shape before I purchased it and it’s condition was not a surprise to me.

The image posted on Ebay served to illustrate what the seller had and was not meant to be an archival reproduction. The image posted on the sale page was dark and had a watermark placed on it by the seller. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a better picture once the item arrived. The picture’s cardboard surround was not in the best of condition and part of the text was missing. However, the names of the individuals in the photograph were complete. The only missing text is presumed to be the township of residence for some of the jurors. That’s something that can easily be obtained elsewhere.

The actual item is on it’s way to the Hancock County, Illinois, Historical Society as that’s where I’ve decided to donate it. I’m not related to a single soul in the picture so I don’t have any real reason to keep it myself.


Hancock County, Illinois, Grand Jurors, October 1914 Term



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