Maryland Land Records Webinar

My land records webinar on the online Maryland land records came off with only one hitch–the dog barked for about a minute during it.

I’m not certain when I’ll have time to record it again and those who attended live wanted to get their recording of it, so I’ve uploaded it. We’re selling it at a discounted rate of $8 (which we’re calling the Riley discount because that’s the dog’s name).

The presentation and handout can be ordered here for immediate download.

MDLANDREC has Maryland Colonial land patents and county record copies of local land records on it’s site. The land patents are searchable based upon name of property  and the name of the patentee. Older land records are not indexed digitally, but copies of the county’s grantor and grantee indexes are online as well.


Plat of Everyman’s Refuse–patented for William Gibson and James Rampley in Harford County, Maryland, in 1794

Copies of the record images can be downloaded as PDF files. There is no charge to use the image site. In some cases, entire grantee/grantor indexes can be downloaded. Pages from various record books can be downloaded individually. Images from the loose patents can be downloaded as well. This is a wonderful website for those with Maryland ancestor who were property owners.


2 thoughts on “Maryland Land Records Webinar

  1. Hi, Michael,

    I already paid for this presentation. I went to the link and it is a payment page. Do you need to send me a direct link to the presentation? I am looking forward greatly to this. When I was with you in August at ACPL, I found the 1774 will of a direct ancestor and now I am ready to find out more about his life. MD seems to have a lot online!

    Jan Wright

    • Jan-
      A fresh link was just sent to your email. Let me know if you did not receive it.
      If the will references real estate, you should be able to find some land records online–either county records of private transfers or plats of patented property.


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