My Goals With this Blog

Getting as many subscribers as possible to this blog  has never been one of my goals. Writing to appeal to as many readers as possible is not something that appeals to me.

I want to share things I discover with readers in such a way that makes them think about their own research. That’s also why I comment on certain websites, certain research practices, etc. I want to encourage people to think about how they find things, how they analyze things, and what their process is.

It’s not important if people agree with me or not.

I just want people to think, because that’s often how brick walls are broken down and new things are discovered.

And that’s what it’s about.






2 thoughts on “My Goals With this Blog

  1. And that is exactly what makes this blog so valuable and appealing. Thank you for sharing not only your insights but your experiences and bloopers. I’ve grown in my genealogical understanding and research techniques reading your blog and am grateful.

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