Returning to Harford County, Maryland

My ancestor, James Rampley, was born in Harford County, Maryland, in 1803. Research strongly suggests his parents, Thomas Johnson and Christianna (DeMoss) Rampley were born in that county (or its predecessor/neighbor of Baltimore) in the 1770s. Their parents, James and Sarah (Gibson) Rampley and John and Mary (Galloway) DeMoss lived in the Harford and Baltimore areas as well.  James (born 1803) and his parents left Harford County for Ohio in 1817, but many family members remained.

Years ago, when I was much younger I obtained a few copies of a court case involving Thomas Johnson Rampley in order to document his migration to Ohio in 1817. As money was short and my purpose was precise, I only obtained enough copies of the record to meet my goal.

Now thanks to some indexes on the Harford County Historical Society website, I am aware of several court cases involving Thomas Johnson Rampley and James Rampley. I have a researcher who will be retrieving copies of these files for me.

I’m not certain what details rest in these files, but I will find out in a few days.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Returning to Harford County, Maryland

  1. Cindy Barber says:

    Michael, I am researching William Rutledge who settled in Muskingum county, Ohio. He reported that he was born in Maryland. In my research, I have seen your Rampleys. Have you by chance seen a birth or marriage record of William?

    • Steve Marcin says:

      Cindy – The Rutledge family is quite well known in the historic “My Lady’s Manor” area which straddles both Baltimore and Harford Counties here in Maryland. There is indeed a William Rutledge – whether he is the one you are researching will need to be confirmed. If you email what you know I don’t mind taking a look at my research.


      Steve Marcin

  2. I live in Harford Co within walking distance of the historical society and courthouse and would be glad to make copies or do research that you can’t do online. You can PM me at

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