Newsletter Clarification

In response to some questions, we’re posting this update about my newslettesr. There are two fee-based newsletters:

  • Casefile CluesThis is my how-to newsletter discussing and analyzing sources, research process, problem-solving, etc. I’ve published over 156 issues of this casefilecluesnewsletter which is sent as a PDF file to subscribers. A complete list of back issues is on our website as well as samples. Old issues are archived.¬†Casefile Clues¬†is now distributed approximately once a week. Subscriptions are for 52 issues.
  • Weekly Blog Update–This was created for those who did not want to subscribe to the daily blog updates individually on each blog (which are free). This has been published since the summer of 2015, but they are not archived. This contains a summary of blog posts in the last week, along with a few added features:
    • Tombstone of the week
    • Photograph of the week
    • Citation of the week
    • Term of the week

Subscribing to any of the individual blogs is free–blog updates are sent daily every day new posts are added.


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