A Wish for Searching Ancestry.com’s Passenger Lists

general-victoriaI wish there were a way to search for two names in a passenger list at once. It would make searching for family members who might have arrived on the same ship quite a bit easier.

Just a thought.


5 thoughts on “A Wish for Searching Ancestry.com’s Passenger Lists

    • Of course, they don’t 😉 But Stevemorse.org does not allow (unless I overlooked it) searching of multiple ports at the same time. And while Stevemorse.org does allow for some more flexibility, I didn’t see the multiple passengers on oe boat option on many of his pages.

  1. Peter Kowalik says:

    In my searches of passenger lists , I’ve found that when family members are travelling together, they are listed together. The only time I’ve seen otherwise would have been for a great aunt and great uncle who arrived in Canada on the same ship before getting married.

    • They usually are, although I’ve seen the occasional family where they were not. The intent of my post was not about looking at the actual lists themselves, but querying online databases. If I know that a family came together and have a common name and a range of dates, it would be nice if the search interface would allow me to search for two names at once–for example the parents or perhaps the mother and a child. For some common names that would make the searches more effective.

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