Another Apgar Birth

This 1914 birth certificate from Cook County, Illinois, is the only birth certificate for a child of William Apgar and Mary DeMare that was recorded contemporary to the birth. The birth certificates for their three older daughters all were recorded as delayed certificates. There is no known reason why the earlier births were not recorded when they happened.

The relationship is not stated, but the attendant at the birth was most likely Elsie McCasland, a sister of Marie (DeMar) Apgar. McCasland lived in the same Chicago neighborhood as the Apgars and provided testimony in their divorce. The person completing the certificate is never under an obligation to indicate any relationships not specifically requested on the form.


This certificate image was made from the microfilm copy of the actual birth certificates in the Cook County vital records office.

Marie’s age is listed as twenty and this was her fourth child. Those details are correct. She and Apgar had no more children after Louis. and by the start of World War I they were separated. Marie would marry two more times, but she did not have any additional children.


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