Evidence Explained: Third Edition Revised on Sale

Elizabeth Shown Mills’ popular Evidence Explained has a recently released updated and revised third edition. Until 11:59 EDT on 18 May 2017, this revised edition is on sale at 25% off. I’ve been putting off getting my new copy, but now is probably a good time. I have an earlier edition that’s starting to show quite a few signs of wear and tear as this is a book I view as one to use and mark up with notations as needed.

The introductory chapters provide a good overview of the research process and information analysis. There’s also a fair amount of terminology as well–good for all of us to review from time to time. The bulk of the book discusses citations of a variety of documents from across the globe, with short discussions of those records as well. The discussions in the citation section focuses on the organization of the original records and the main formats in which those records are usually accessed. That’s worth a good read and study even if your citations are never going to follow the Evidence Explained format to the letter.

According to the website, the following changes have been made:

    • Changes to about 75 pages in the text and index
    • New citations for the National Archives (NARA) website and manner of identifying documents
    • Updates for citing DAR’s revamped website and databases
    • Alterations in citations for the DAR website and database
    • Immigration citations reflecting changed records at the Ellis Island website


Evidence Explained: Third Edition Revised can be purchased on Genealogical.com at the sale price until 11:59 EDT on 18 May. Other sites will not have this sale.

As always, we’ll continue to occasionally discuss Evidence Explained in various postings here. There’s always good food for thought in the text of this tome–and now is a great time to get it at a price that makes it easier on the budget.



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