A 1909 Church Picture–Was it There in 1888 and 1877?

Ebay is an occasional genealogical temptation.

Today I made another discovery on Ebay and gave into temptation. The image used in this post is from a postcard postmarked 1909 in Tioga, Illinois. The note on the reverse side of the card indicated that the image is of what is now known as the Bethany United Church of Christ in Tioga  and the adjacent church parsonage. The cemetery is not pictured, but it would be to the right of the home in this picture. The image was made facing towards the north east.

Next time I visit the cemetery I’ll have to take a picture of the church myself. I’ve been there several times as five of my ancestors are buried there. I’ve taken numerous photographs of their stones, but never a picture of the church. The church would have standing when my great-great-grandfather Trautvetter was buried from there in 1916.  Now to determine if this was the building standing when Franciska Trautvetter was buried in the church cemetery in 1888 and when her mother-in-law, Sophia (Derle) Trautvetter was buried in 1877.

One picture always begs more questions.



3 thoughts on “A 1909 Church Picture–Was it There in 1888 and 1877?

    • I could. That would be a good thing to post to a Facebook group for the area. In this case, I live close enough that I could probably do it the next time I am in the area.

  1. Oh I love pictures like these. It sends exciting chills up my arms. It’s a beautiful picture. There’s a story just waiting to be found. I have ministers,pastors whatever their titles were in the church where they went. I don’t know if they were in Handcock, I llinois.They were in Kinderhook, Adams , Clark & other counties in Illinois.

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