Ancestral Clues and Lessons: James Rampley

James Rampley was born in England in the 1750s–probably in County Suffolk. He married Sarah Gibson in Baltimore County, Maryland, in 1771. He died in Harford County, Maryland, in 1817. Some lessons I’ve learned about research from James:

  • wills may contain end-runs around in-laws. James gave an inheritance to the children of one of his surviving daughters, despite the fact that she and her husband were living. Another son-in-law was appointed guardian to oversee it. The children’s father was to have no oversight of the funds.
  •  learn your county formation dates. James did not really move once he arrived in Maryland, but depending upon the time period he lived in either Baltimore or Harford County.
  • you may have a criminal ancestor. James was convicted of a minor crime in County Suffolk, England, and transported to Maryland in 1764.

James Rampley is my fifth great-grandfather. You can view my ancestor list on my website.


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