Israel Sylvester Estate Inventory 1727-Scituate, Massachusetts-Part I

Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Probate File Papers, 1686-1881, Case File 19970, Israel Sylvester, year 1727.

Scituate april the 25 1727

Persuant To an order from the Honorabel Isaac Winslow Esqr Judge of Probate for the County of Plymouth &c

Wee the Subscribers have maed an apprisement of the Estate of Mr Israell Silvester Late of Scituate deceased

   £ S d
Imprims To his wareing apparel


03 13 00
[I]tam To the Baest baed and furneteur 11 00 00
[I]tam To other beading 02 00 00
[I]tam To Sheets and other Lining 02 10 00

[to be continued]

We’re doing to post this inventory in parts over several days. Suggestions (and corrections) are welcome. Transcribing documents is an art and a science. It’s not just a matter of transcribing “what letters look like.” Letters can “look like” several letters and transcribing a document correctly requires looking at each item in context.

In the case of the estate inventory that means, among other things, realizing that those who made out the inventory most likely did so in some sort of order. Items were not usually randomly thrown into the list. That can be helpful in determining what a letter, word, or phrase means.


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