Let’s Not Suggest Mary Vornkahl was a Trautvetter


This is just a periodic reminder to think about the “Suggested Records” you see at Ancestry.com. As mentioned in an earlier post, “Hints and Suggestions from Ancestry,” they are pulled from tree submissions of other users. The only problem with this set of suggested records is that they suggest Mary’s maiden name was Trautvetter (after all Mary Vornkahl was born in about 1865 according to the 1910 Census). Mary’s maiden name was not Trautvetter. That was the last name of her first husband, Louis Trautvetter.


Looking at Mary’s complete actual 1910 census enumeration and 1900 census enumeration would have suggested that she had been married before to a Trautvetter–it was the last name of her children.

Minor details.

And another reason to research back slowly and not “jump as far back as you can as quickly as you can.”

That’s one way mistakes are made.



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