AncestryDNA Circles–Back in Ten

I never did a blog post about it, but for the last few months I was down to being in six DNA circles at  AncestryDNA.

Now I’m back up to ten:

  • Christianna (DeMoss) Rampley (born in the early 1770s probably in Harford County, Maryland–12 members of this circle.
  • Augusta Newman (died 1861 White County, Indiana)–8 members of the circle.
  • Johann Luken Jurgens Ehmen Goldenstein (born 1814 Wrisse, Ostfriesland, Germany and his wife Tjade Anna Focken (Tammen) Goldenstein (born 1824 Buhren, Ostfriesland, Germany)–3 in both circles.
  • Hinrich Janssen Ufkes (born 1797 Ostfriesland, Germany) and the circle for his wife Trientje Eilts (Post) Ufkes(born 1803 Wiesens, Ostfriesland, Germany). There are 8 in Hinrich’s circle and 7 in Trientje’s circle.
  • Riley Rampley (born 1835 Coshocton County, Ohio) and the circle for his wife Nancy Jane (Newman) Rampley(born 1846 Rush County, Indiana)–3 in both circles.
  • Johann Friederichs Hinrichs Ufkes (born 1838 Wiesens, Ostfriesland, Germany) and the circle for his wife Noentje Lena (Grass) Ufkes (born 1848 Backemoor, Ostfriesland, Germany)–Johann’s circle as 4 and Noentje’s circle has 3.

It’s not unusual for circles of married couples to have different numbers of descendants in them. Not everyone inherits DNA from every ancestor as the tree extends further and further back. And not all my DNA matches will be in these circles as you have to have a tree associated with your DNA test to be considered for a circle membership.

I did determine who is in the circle for Johann Friederichs Hinrichs Ufkes but not for his wife Noentje (Grass). It is a descendant that I know and one who also in the circles for Johann and Tjade (Tammen) Goldenstein. It looks like the circles are still in flux.



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