Ira and Ira or Ira and Isa: Which Is It?

It’s easy to see how someone might think that the husband and wife in this Price household had the same first name.

They do look an awful lot alike and that’s exactly how the transcriber creating the index at transcribed it: Isa. iraisa


The head of household was Ira F. Price. His wife was Isa M. Price.  It’s not often a husband and wife appear to have the same name.

Ira F. Price was the son of Lucretia (Sargent) Price and the nephew of my ancestor, Ira Sargent. Ira F. was the only of Lucretia’s children named for any of her siblings–however, I have no idea if she and her brother Ira were particularly close or not and Lucretia’s use of the first name has me wondering if Ira was perhaps named for another Ira in his family.

So far I’ve not found one. But maybe there’s another Ira lurking out there.


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