Some Simple Things

I use the online trees for the occasional clue. However in reviewing many of these trees while searching for research leads this week, I was reminded that apparently not everyone is aware of the following:

  • People do not marry after they die.
  • People do not have children after they are dead.
  • People are not born before their parents.
  • People do not marry before their parents are born.
  • The letters “bef” in front of a date matter.
  • The letters “aft” in front of a date matter.
  • The letters “about” in front of a date matter.
Note: A reader pointed out that men can have children born up to around nine months after they are dead. That’s correct. Nine years afterwards is a bit much though!

5 thoughts on “Some Simple Things

  1. Sue McCormick says:

    My softwares check for these errors; I usually find that I have type1984 instead 9f 1894, and similar mistakes. I DO proofread — but I have a very small problem with numbers (similar to dislexia (sp?) — for me numbers jump around rather than letters) so I don’t always see the problem. I am very grateful for this extra level of checkin.

    • You’re right, Sue. Most software packages catch these errors–if people are willing to “listen” to the notifications.

  2. Lorraine Howard says:

    I was in contact with someone who told me she has documented evidence that she the 39 x great granddaughter of Jesus!

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