Soundex and Sounds Alike Still Not Working At–What Gives?

We can only speak for the 1860 census (I’ve not had time to search others), but it appears that the search at is still not working correctly. Frautvetter and Frautfetter are Soundex equivalent and certainly sound alike, but broad-based searches for Frautvetter and Frautfetter result in different hits as evidenced by the screen shots which were taken today. This was first noticed a few days ago when searching for these people in Kentucky–but apparently the sounds-based search options are not working correctly.



I should not have to conduct separate searches for these two last name when the “sounds like” and “Soundex” options are enabled. For those of us with names that get spelled a variety of ways this is a problem. I should not have to conduct separate searches to make certain I get the same results.

And it always makes me wonder what else is not working.



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