Research Reminders from Some Female Ancestors

A while back we ran a series titled “Ancestral Clues and Lessons.” In honor of “International” Women’s Day, we’re linking to those postings on some of my female ancestors:

This list reminds me that I’ve got more to write about.


4 thoughts on “Research Reminders from Some Female Ancestors

  1. Melody Bricker says:

    Does anyone know an easy way to figure out what a German sire name was if the family changed it upon coming to US? No old family records, no living relatives that might know, do not even know what part of Germany they originated from. Been trying along with some other relatives to figure this one out for years. Thanks for any help.

    • Mary Hammond says:

      Just wondering: if you don’t know what their original name was, how can you be so sure that they changed it on arrival in the U.S.? What bits of evidence do you have?

      If you could share the name, some of us might like to brainstorm possible answers.

      Do you know when they arrived? What records do you have?

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