Wilhelmina Trautvetter Senf Kraft in the US Census-Part II

1870 US Census, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, page 17 (handwritten), page 226 (stamped); digital image from Ancestry.com, 6 March 2018.

Wilhelmina and George Kraft and their next-door Kraft neighbors were not the only Krafts living in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1870. Six pages away the household of Lewis Kraft was enumerated. It’s difficult to say how far Lewis was from the other Krafts. There are no street names or addresses in this enumeration and the census taker’s path is not known.

Other members of the household are:

  • Sarah, aged 24, female, keeping house, born in Illinois
  • Frances, aged 3, female, born in Illinois
  • John, aged 1, male, born in Illinois

What is known is that they were all living in Nauvoo in 1870. Ancestry.com‘s index indicates that there were 2.744 individuals living there in 1870.

The connection to the other Nauvoo Krafts in 1870 is not known and no relationship should be inferred simply because they are living in the same town. Lewis was an Ohio native and was in his twenties at the time of the enumeration. His age may be given as “29,” but the last digit is somewhat ambiguous (it does not appear to be a “4”or a “7” based upon other numbers on this image). Two of the other Krafts enumerated in the adjacent household to Wilhelmina (Trautvetter) Senf Kraft were also in their twenties and Ohio natives. This is suggestive of his being a possible brother to the others, but not any sort of definite proof. He could be a cousin or an unrelated individual with the same last name.

Lewis is listed as a teamster with $500 in real property and $700 in personal property. Land records should be referenced for him as well. Assuming Sarah is his wife and that the children are theirs, marriage records should be searched for the 1877 time frame and before.

There are no other Kraft families enumerated in Nauvoo in 1870.




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