Genealogical Information from a Kewpie Doll

The newspaper said the picture was not of a “kewpie doll,” but instead was a four year old musician.

One wouldn’t really think that there would be much in the way of genealogical information in a newspaper account of an “embryo musician.” That would be a mistake as this 1922 reference to Lillian Drollette contains quite a bit of information on her heritage, including naming her parents (with her mother’s maiden name), grandmother, and great-grandfather.

The item goes on to mention that her great-grandfather was a well-known Evansville musician, Josef Cintura, and that she was related to another local musician Arnulf Cintura. Residential information was also given on her parents and grandmother.

Genealogical clues can turn up in unexpected places. Based upon what is known from other records the genealogical information in this account appears to be correct.


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