Ancestral Earwax and Chin Dimples at AncestryDNA

If finding relatives is not enough, AncestryDNA now allows for an additional “analysis” of your DNA test results. DNA tests do not need to be resubmitted–just a payment of (as of this writing) $19.99.

Users can see which of eighteen traits they have in common with their DNA cousins, including:

  • sweet taste
  • savory taste
  • bitter taste
  • finger length
  • freckling
  • hair curl

and earwax type. I’m not certain I need to learn anything about my relative’s earwax.

And I have first hand experience with male hair loss so I don’t need any details on that either.

Personally, I’m going to pass on this little experiment.



One thought on “Ancestral Earwax and Chin Dimples at AncestryDNA

  1. And yet we wouldn’t know how to use a chromosome browser. We can listen to our spotify play list while we browse our ear wax results.

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