Never Assume There Is Only One

Never assume a name is unusual. A search on Andrew Trautvetter resulted in two matches andrew-trautvetteron from the “Army Register of Enlistments 1798-1914.”

 The entries included approximate years of birth (inferred from ages), so they probably weren’t the same man. The registers were also from twenty years apart (1847 and 1867).  The 1847 entry was the most likely reference to the Andrew Trautvetter whose 1850 discharge was mentioned in an earlier post. But that won’t be clear without looking at the 1847 “Register of Enlistment” entry. The information in that entry needs to be compared with the information on the 1850 discharge.

We can’t just throw out the 1867 entry either. It’s very possible that the age was difficult to read or transcribed correctly. The age would only have to be off by one digit in the tens place to change the age significantly.

We’ll need to compare what’s in the “Register of Enlistments” to make certain these are two different Andrew Trautvetters.

And you thought we were only going to find one.




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