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Banner ads were pulled from this site when we moved to the new domain. I’ve long felt that they busy the site and we’ve decided to drop that type of advertising from our site in an attempt to give the blog a cleaner look.

I do have an affiliate relationship with the following sites:


That’s as far as the advertising will go on this blog. I have memberships to the first three sites myself and while I do get frustrated with certain aspects of them, they do have value, particularly for their indexes and remote access to records. The only links I create to are for books that I have purchased myself or that I use myself (one can’t buy everything). I don’t mention books that I don’t use or have.

Years ago I agreed to present an hour long presentation on how to use a software program. I bought the program (which I won’t name), spent some time using it so that I was familiar with it, could answer questions about it, etc. I gave the presentation because I agreed to, but the more I used the program to get up to speed on it, the more I realized that I would never use it for its intended purpose and decided that after the presentation I was going to uninstall it. I never agreed to give a presentation on any software with which I was not already familiar.

I also decided that I just was not comfortable speaking or writing about something that I would not use or purchase myself.

Also bear in mind that I only write about my own research. If a book covers a topic in which I have no interest, it won’t be mentioned on here even though it may be a perfectly fine book. I don’t write about topics that I’ve not really worked on either.

Thanks for reading and your support of this blog. It is appreciated.


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