Another Trick in the GedMatch Toolkit

It sounded like a good idea. It may be a good idea. It just didn’t work for me.

One of the functionalities on is the ability to search submitted GedCOM files for specific names and other identifying information. Search results include several things besides the “matching” information from the relative’s name in the genealogical file. It also includes when the file was uploaded and the email address of the submitter.

The email address of the submitter is also one of the items returned when I view a list of DNA kits that match my submitted kit (under ” ‘One-to-many’ Matches”).

I thought I could take the email addresses of GedCOM submitters located during my searches of those GedCOM files and see if those email addresses appeared on the list of submitted DNA kits that matched my submitted kit. I did this for every entry in a GedCOM file that contained an entry with the last name of Trautvetter. I copied the email address of every GedCOM file submitter and searched for that email address in my list of DNA kits that matched my submitted kit–hoping to find a kit submitter on the list. No such luck.

Even if I had found a submitter on both lists, I would have had more work to do.

There is no guarantee that everyone in the submitted GedCOM file is biologically related to the person whose DNA was submitted. Some GedCOM files contains names of in-laws and extended family who have no biological relationship to the person whose DNA was tested. Email addresses can also submit multiple GedCOM files and DNA kits.

This just seemed like a way to maybe filter out a few matches, potentially connect with some researchers, or make a little headway on those kits whose submitters I cannot figure out and who do not respond.

But so far it’s not worked for me even though the premise seems solid.


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