Some Stone Perspective

I’ve been reviewing several tombstone photographs we took several years ago. There are a few things I would do differently:

    • take a picture of the entryway, sign, or something identifying the name of the cemetery if possible.
    • rename all the pictures so I know whose stone is in the picture and the cemetery it was taken in.
    • take “far off” shots showing relative positions of stones, particularly when there are several family members buried together. I did this in some cases (shown below), but not all.
  • review all the photographs as soon after taking them as possible and add a text file to my folder of pictures containing notes and other information on the cemetery and the pictures.

Pictures taken in this post were taken in Holy Family Cemetery, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.


One thought on “Some Stone Perspective

  1. Very nice pictures, I. Love going to the cemeteries. My husband usually goes with me, so I like him taking pictures of me with my ancestors. And the same with him. I have not seen stones like you have, they are very unusual. Thank you for the pictures.. Juneke

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