Abraham’s Wife is the Key

We’ve discussed the Revolutionary War pension file of Elam/Alam Blaine before, but the testimony of Abraham Wickizer/Wickiser makes several key points about indirect proof and determining “why” that I thought I would discuss it again.

Testimony of Abraham Wickizer given in widow’s pension application of Katharine Blain, widow of Revolutionary War veteran Alam Blain, obtained digitally on Fold3.com
  from NARA microfilm series M804–pension W. 5834.

[begin transcription]
Also Abraham Wickiser of lawful age being first duly sworn by me as herein after certified deposes & says that he was Married to the oldest Daughter of Alam Blain deceased late Pentioner of the United states on the 9th day of November 1802 & that his wife was then said to be at little upwards of 18 years of age Also he says that his [illegible] William Blain did word for [Rychard?] on Richard Inman’s farm soon after he was Married  Says he never heard the relation of Husband 7 wife —– between Alam Blain & Catharine deputed by any person & further deponent saith not [signed] Abraham Wickizer]
[end transcription]

The image below shows the source information for this statement which comes from the pension file of Alam Blain:

The statement by Wickiser was made along with several other statements in January of 1848 in Delaware County, Ohio. The family’s movement from Hunterdon County, New Jersey into Wilkes-Barre County, Pennsylvania and eventually into Ohio is well-documented in the pension application.

In other testimony, the oldest daughter of Alam and Katharine/Catharine Blain is stated to also be named Katharine. Taken together the statements provide indirect evidence that Abraham/Abram Wickiser married Katharine Blaine, daughter of Alam and Catherine Blaine.

No other child’s marriage is mentioned in the pension of Alam Blain. Daughter Katherine’s is likely mentioned because her age (over 18) at the time of her marriage gets at her own parents’ date of marriage which the widow could not find an actual record of and which was needed for her Revolutionary War pension application.

There’s usually a reason why certain people provide information and others do not. Try to determine that reason. In this case the testimony of two people was needed to prove the actual relationship of the daughter to the parents. It was a fortunate discovery as researchers had been stymied on the parents of Katherine/Catherine/Catharine/Katharine Wickiser/Wickizer for years.

And never neglect the possible gold mine of pension records.

Note-American Revolutionary War pensions are completely every name indexed on Fold3.com.


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