4 thoughts on “A Real Grass Widow

    • This post was a little bit tongue in cheek based on the last name of “Grass” and linked to a post that discussed term in more detail. Often the “grass widow” was divorced, but not always.

  1. Diane S Sanfilippo says:

    Not long after my first husband, 1st Lt William E McConnell, Army Ranger, was killed, I was back in Atlanta applying for a credit card at a local store… when i put down ‘widow’ as my married status, the woman taking my application commented ‘You mean grass widow’… to which I replied, having no idea what she meant, “Well I am not sure but my husband was killed in September.” She did not reply but, at 22, I was young to be a widow with a baby and small son. I asked my aunt when I got back home what a ‘grass widow’ was, and told her the circumstances, and she said, Divorced – I hope you straightened her out!’
    But I will always be someone’s widow, although long remarried.

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