Ebay Purchase: 1862 Assessor’s List for Saint Mary’s Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This is my last purchase on Ebay for a while–the 1862 Assessor’s List for Saint Mary’s Township in Hancock County, Illinois. It’s too far east in the county for me to have any family there, but I went ahead and purchased it anyway. We’ll take some images from it and post them after it arrives as they’ll make […]


Postcard, the Modern Name of the Church, and What Really Took Place There

The postcard of the Bethany United Church of Christ in Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois, that I purchased on Ebay arrived a few days ago. The image in this post was created by using pictures of the front and back of the postcard to create a customized image. The red box was used to emphasize that the image had […]

Carthage High School Picture from Maybe 1935

I made another purchase on Ebay. It’s a Depression-era photograph of what was then Carthage, Illinois High School. The seller of the postcard, which is how the image was actually published, has indicated 1935 as the year. That’s the year the postcard was postmarked and that’s not necessarily the year in which the photograph was taken. […]

A Handball Player from Eisenach

This is probably one of my more unusual purchases on Ebay.  I’m not in the habit of purchasing sports cards, especially ones for handball players from Germany.  But this one was slightly different. And the price was right: it went for less than $3. Trautvetter is a native of Eisenach, Germany. That’s roughly thirty kilometers from where […]

An Ebay Rescue

This is the first I’ve purchased something on Ebay  with the intention of not keeping it: A 1914 picture of the Hancock County, Illinois, grand jurors. I often search for Hancock County items with the hope of stumbling across something directly related to one of my many families there. I’ve posted some of the items I […]

The Troutfetters and Trolretters Were Neighbors

As mentioned in an earlier post, I purchased a reprint of the 1859 Hancock County, Illinois landowners’ atlas on Ebay. The image from this post is from section 3 in Rocky Run Township, located in the southwestern portion of Hancock County. It’s where John George and Sophia Elizabeth Trautvetter, along with their children, settled in the […]