ephraim puffer

The 1915 Biography of Ephriam Puffer

The brief summary of Ephraim Puffer from the 1915 genealogy of the descendants of George Puffer contains many statements all of which are unsourced. Just because those statements are unsourced does not mean that they are incorrect. Many of these statements do suggest records that should be referenced to determine if the compiler copied and […]


Appointing Grandpa Daby My Guardian: Part I

“To the honourable Samuel Danforth Judge of the Probates for the County of Middlesex “These are to —- you to appoint my grand Father Mr Joseph Daby of Stow for my Guardian [signed] Simon Puffer” This short request, contained in the guardianship packet for all of Ephraim Puffer’s children, confirms that Joseph Daby was the […]