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Type I Can’t Read and Citing Where I Made the Image

Typed documents can sometimes be just as difficult to read as handwritten ones. This 1924 disbursement was made as the result of a court case over the estate of Heipke Dirks of Coatsburg, Illinois. The digital image used as the illustration in this post was made at the Family History Library from a microfilmed copy […]


Using Evidence Explained When Citations Are Not On My Mind

Evidence Explained can be used to determine how to compose a citation for a specific item that a researcher encounters in their research. There are not many records that don’t have a sample citation in Evidence Explained. All one has to do usually is to follow the sample item and change what is appropriate. There’s also a discussion […]


“Habits and Haunts…”

In Evidence Explained, Elizabeth Shown Mills discusses “The Name’s the Same” Rule (page 28–3rd edition). She discusses and mentions a variety of non-name factors that one must consider in determining whether two individuals with the same name really are in fact the same person. One of those considerations she mentions is “haunts.” I think she […]