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Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part VII

There’s a search lesson in this newspaper article that has absolutely nothing to do with Goldenstein’s 1921 death in a hotel in Kansas City. While his first name is mentioned in the article, the text is apparently so faint that searches for “Henry Goldenstein” did not locate this item from 17 July 1921. This item […]


Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part VI

The Quincy [Illinois] Daily Journal of 31 July 1921 contained an update on the Kansas City death of Henry Goldenstein. It is rather long, so we’ll start with the published reports of the post-mortem examinations from Kansas City and Adams County, Illinois. There were clearly differences of opinions: the Kansas City examination concluded Goldenstein died of suicide […]

Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part V

We continue our discussion of the 1921 Kansas City death of Henry Goldenstein with the second and last mention of his death in his local newspaper: the Golden [Illinois] New Era. The newspaper account indicated that the Adams County, Illinois, doctors determined that Henry’s body showed no evidence of a gunshot wound but there apparently was […]

Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part IV

The local paper contained a brief discussion of the death of Henry Goldenstein along with an obituary for him written by the local Lutheran minister. The hope had been that the local paper would include details that were not included in the article about Henry’s death that were published in the Quincy, Illinois, newspaper. We […]

Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part III

Our series on Henry Goldenstein continues with the Quincy Whig-Journal providing additional background on Goldenstein. [continued from Quincy Whig-Journal, 10 July 1921]–previous post here. To the contrary he appeared anxious to get back to Kansas City, where he had gone last spring to enter an automobile school for the purpose of learning the trade of auto mechanic. […]

Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part II

  Quincy Whig-Journal, 10 July 1921 (Quincy Public Library website, “Newspaper Archive”) State’s Atrorney Garner and Sheriff Simmons and his force, aided by several physicians are making a determined investigation into the death of Henry Goldenstein, aged 31, of Golden, who was found dead in the Mid-West hotel in Kansas City, last Thursday morning. Notwithstanding […]

Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part I

A sudden death is difficult. It’s especially difficult when the person is relatively young and far from home. It’s even worse when the death is an apparently violent one and the family several hundreds of miles away is notified by telegram. Henry Goldenstein died in Kansas City, Missouri in 1921. The mechanic from Golden, Illinois […]