Samuel Neill

Ancestral Clues and Lessons: Samuel Neill (1838-1912)

This is part of a series of short posts focusing on what I have learned about research (or life in general) from an ancestor. These may or may not be entirely serious. We will leave up to the reader to decide–after all, research is about evaluation of evidence 😉 ) Samuel Neill (1838/1839 County Derry, […]


Why Was the Brother Not the Bondsman and Migration Timeline Questions on the Neills

Sometimes it just takes time for things to “click.” And sometimes even after things click there are more questions than answers. In writing up my Irish problem on Annie (Murphy) Neill, I realized that I had not fully researched the bondsman (Edward Durbin) on her 1865 marriage to Samuel Neill in New Brunswick, Canada. In […]

Leaving South Dakota in the Winter of 1912

I discovered this item quite by accident while giving a webinar on using newspapers on the Library of Congress website. The January 1912 reference in the Dakota Farmers’ Leader of Canton, South Dakota, indicated that my uncle and aunt, Louis and Mary (Neill) Rampley, were leaving South Dakota and returning home to Illinois.  The article stated […]