trientje maria Janssen

Chickens, Eggs, and Supplies for Sale in the 1920s

“Daddy hated chicken because he ate so much of it when he was a kid.” I had almost forgotten Mom mentioning Granddad Ufkes’ dislike for chicken until I read several 1920-era references to his parents in the Hancock County [Illinois] Farm Bureau Bulletin in GoogleBooks. Granddad’s parents, Fred and Tena Ufkes, have several notices where they are selling […]


Great Grandma Ufkes Would Be 111 Today–Confirmed by the Baptismal Entry

My great-grandmother Trientje Maria (Janssen) Ufkes was born 111 years ago today, on 17 April 1895. That’s the date I was always told she was born. Fortunately that’s the date of birth given for her in the records of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Basco, Hancock County, Illinois, where she was baptized. Her baptismal entry […]


Checking the Date of a 1916 Marriage Leads to a Mild Discovery

On 7 March 2016 my great-grandparents would have been married 100 years. That’s not how has transcribed their marriage date from the records of Immanuel Lutheran Church near Basco in Hancock County, Illinois. The database indicated their marriage date was 7 May 1916. That’s not the correct date and that’s not the date given in […]